Walk Your Path With Grace And Ease 
   Coaching by Radu Robutu             

About me

I am committed to guide individuals on a journey from good to great, helping ​them to unlock their true potential, foster a growth mindset and promote overall ​well-being.

Throughout my life I have been a student of ​human nature.  I have been passionate about meeting ​different people, learning from their wisdom and ​sharing my own experiences with many.  I've had my ​wins and my losses.  I've had my highs and my lows.

My own journey has been rich and varied.  I have a ​family.  I have degrees in philology and management. ​I've worked in travel and in education. I'm a teacher of ​Aikido and Shin Shin Toitsu Do.  I'm a creator. I embrace my limits and I dare to challenge them.

I live fully and I coach.  

Radu Robutu  

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